Sunday, February 23, 2014

Winter Time Blues... And HyVee downtown?

I really need a dose of Spring. We are so close to warmer days, more sunshine, and fresh vegetables grown locally. I'm personally looking forward to starting my own garden this year. The Downtown Farmers Market on Saturday mornings is great, but to watch something grow, dream about what you'll cook with it, and then actually making it for yourself, and a few good friends, is sublime. Eggplants, tomatoes, and summer squashes, are what I'm dreaming of right now. I'm busy reading recipes, reading gardening books, and ordering seed catalogs, all in preparation for what will be an awesome summer. Right now getting ready for the upcoming growing season is what is keeping me going during what has been a really dark, snowy, cold as heck season. Oh yeah... 2 inches of snow expected tomorrow. Cant wait...


I read a few minutes ago that the city is thinking of putting a HyVee supermarket downtown on the site of a parking lot. While I understand that Downtown is a growing in leaps and bounds right now, and residents need a place to shop, this is just a bad idea. Why in the middle of The Court Ave. District? Would a spot in some other area be better? The area needs more parking. It's hard enough right now to find parking in the area. Taking away the spot where most vendors of the Saturday market park is simply a bad idea. It shows how behind the City of Des Moines is right now. The other two choices where interesting. A proposed movie theatre is a bad idea. The second is a permanent enclosed, year round, farmers market. That would be ideal. Healthy, high quality groceries would be perfect there. Like a Whole Foods, but without the corporate structure, and garbage that goes along with that. Lets hope they come to their senses.