Saturday, October 12, 2013

Farmers Market Saturdays

Today was a great day. It was 60 degrees, sunny, and of course, Saturday. That means there is a farmers market in the Court Avenue area in Downtown. The market is filled this time of year with the sights and sounds of Fall. Lots of root vegetables, beautiful locally grown brussel sprouts, and gourds and squashes of all kinds. Today I bought some of all of those things, some local garlic, and a great pork shoulder from a local farmer. We also sampled a couple awesome pastries from La Mi, and some of the worst BBQ I have ever tasted. The coffee from Java Joe's was still amazing, and the cheese curds were, well, cheesy. There are also some beautiful flowers for my wife. I love Saturday. Remember that right now there are a ton of people out of work because of the government shutdown, people without Federal Aid, like WIC, along with the already hungry all over the country. Please give to your local food pantry, and remember that protein items like tuna and peanut butter are needed desperately. I feel lucky to be so blessed that I am not hungry today. Remember, food is precious.