Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter Flavors

When winter comes around, what flavors of the season do you start to crave?

I love to play with the hard squashes, legumes, citrus, especially kumquats and blood oranges, and definitely grapefruit, lettuces, ham, hard cured sausages, occasionally a rabbit or two, monkfish, of course with bacon, leeks, dried fruits, kale, brussels sprouts, cabbage, sweet potatoes, anything that is braised, collard and mustard greens…  The list could be endless. My list could be more inclusive.  I grew up in Southern California.  As long as it wasn't an unusually wet winter, the first strawberries are picked in February and are spectacular after the long winter that is the end of December to the middle of February...  If you can call what coastal and inland SoCal has weather wise, actually winter.  

What's on your list as winter foods?  


  1. I am very interested in trying blood oranges actually. I have seen them in stores, but never thought to pick one up to try. I must say, I'm loving sweet potatoes, I want to try sweet potato chips when I get the chance. Happy winter season!

  2. The blood orange has a wonderful red and orange flesh, that has raspberry notes to it. It's wonderful.

    Sweet potatoes are wonderful. The chips when made at home are fun. I prefer the fries though. Sweet potato fries are awesome.

  3. Heavy and rich. Shortribs, stews, chili, game, the list could go on. Tonight it was Mole Poblano with rice, beans, and fresh tortillas. Dona Maria is O.K. but only in a pinch. Now that we're off for break I spent the day toasting and grinding the dried peppers and seasonings, made chicken stock and pulled out the Abuelita chocolate.

    Now for the couch! Happy holidays to you!