Monday, December 29, 2008

Food like it is supposed to taste... Simplicity.

Sometimes when I run across descriptions of food, lately on, I have to wonder how someone managed all of the flavors that ran across their "palate" while tasting their "favorite meal of the month".  It's always great to try new and great things, but a list of 5 or 6 distinct flavors on one plate may be beyond my simple thought processes when it comes to tasting food.  I may be missing something, but isn't food supposed to taste like what you started with?  In essence, that is our jobs as cooks, in my opinion.  I'm a strong believer that simplicity is missing in a lot of "foodies" minds.  I don't believe that if you cover the flavors of a food you are working with, that you've done any justice to the food at all.  Shouldn't the texture and taste of the primary ingredient that you are working with still remain after you are done seasoning?  The flavors should be enhanced, not overworked into a new product that doesn't resemble the food you started with.  And shouldn't the accompaniments to the food complement the main ingredient?  I can see contrast, but in a pleasant way.  I guess I am simple, but I'd rather serve someone a plate of complimenting flavors, perfectly cooked, than have to jump through hoops deciding which intricate flavor combination I liked most. 

I guess in afterthought that my palate might be to simple to even understand.

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