Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Favorite food sites...

I thought I'd list a few food sites from my wanderings around the internet.

First of all I'd like to say that through the ACF-IA forum I was introduced to foodbuzz.com.  What a great website.  I think there is something for everyone on this site.  I've already contributed a few recipes that I've found on various sites, and a couple family recipes that are favorites.  I've reviewed restaurants...  It's fun.

ruhlman.com is a great blog.  While I don't really agree with everything this guy has to say, he's written a few great books.  Soul of a Chef is my favorite, and you can buy a signed copy of any of his cookbooks on the site.  He also colaborated with Thomas Keller on The French Laundry Cookbook.   I believe that is for sale on the site as well.  His book Charcuterie is great.  I think it's one of the cookbooks that cooks should own.  

French Laundry At Home is a great blog.  This bog chronicles the bloggers attempt to create everything in the French Laundry Cookbook, at home The author has moved on the another great chef's restaurant with Alinea At Home, from the link at the French Laundry At Home blog.  The chef of Alinea, Greg Achatz is a wonderful chef who has been associated with a group of chefs practicing "molecular gastronomy".  I have a take on that definition that would take more time than this one post could take.  Read the wiki at the link and see for yourself

Cityview's Food Dude provides a look at the Des Moines restaurant scene. While it won't be helpful for most outside of the area, it can be a look at a town that will someday be a great Midwestern food city.

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  1. Great "picks" for blogs! City View, now combined with "Relish," THE food magazine for Des Moines is a great source for local "foodie" information and you'd be surprised how many folks from the Chicago area subscribe. Check out the posts from Chowhound to verify.

    Nice job with your blog BTW! :)